Rainwater Filtration

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Systems designed to filter mains water are not appropriate to use for rainwater. Unlike mains water, rainwater is not chlorinated. Consequently, you need to take into account the presence of bacteria when installing a filtration system for rainwater.

Filterite offers 2 systems to filter your rainwater.

  • 3-Stage Rainwater Filtration System
  • Twin Ultraviolet Steriliser System
The Filterite 3-Stage Rainwater Filtration System incorporates the following 3 filter cartridges:
  • 1 micron sediment filter ~ removes dirt, rust, fine sediment.
  • 0.5 micron activated carbon block ~ removes organic chemicals i.e., herbicides, pesticides, tannic acids plus reduces cysts.
  • 1 micron silver impregnated granular activated carbon filter ~ inhibits growth of bacteria and chemical removal

The Filterite Twin Ultraviolet Steriliser System incorporates a twin undersink water purifier with ultraviolet sterilisation and includes:

  • 1 micron sediment filter
  • 0.5 micron activated carbon block
  • Ultraviolet Lamp

Image 02 Ultraviolet sterilisation is commonly regarded as an excellent technology for treating water that is micro-biologically unsafe.

Ultraviolet lamps produce germicidal short wave radiation that eradicate bacteria, viruses and other kinds of microbiological contamination present in all water supplies.

In order for the UV light to work effectively and eradicate micro-organisms the rainwater has to be clear and free of sediment. For this reason the ultraviolet lamp is mounted onto a twin undersink water purifier.