Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Filterite difference?

- We offer a wide range of water filtration systems, filter cartridges and faucets to meet your individual requirements.

- Because we recommend and use industry standard size filter housings you are always in control, having the freedom to choose our in-home service option or DIY option.

- We use name brand industry standard filter cartridges that are hygienically wrapped and labelled which allows you to verify that you are actually receiving the quality of cartridge that you are paying for. This is an important point and highlights the benefit of using name brand industry standard cartridges because unless the filter cartridge you purchase is wrapped and labelled how can you be sure that you are getting what you paid for and not an inferior product.

- All Filterite mains connected water filter systems are installed with a back-flow prevention/dual check valve, in accordance with SA Water regulations.

- All Filterite mains connected water filter systems are installed with a pressure limiting valve to ensure water is filtered at its optimum. Installing a pressure limiting valve in combination with industry standard filter cartridges that seal securely at both the top and the bottom inside the filter housing ensures you receive the best quality filtered water possible.

What is included in the annual service?

The minimum service entails checking the integrity of all fittings and filter housings. The soiled filter cartridges are removed and disposed of in an appropriate manner. The filter housings are sanitised, the O-rings lubricated and new filter cartridges are inserted. The tap is serviced by lubricating the O-rings and adjusted and tightened if necessary. You are more than welcome to watch our technician complete the annual service.

If I book a service and later I need to change the appointment will I be charged extra?

No, this is not our policy. We understand that unavoidable problems occur in everyone's day to day life. Our aim is to work together to provide the most suitable arrangements and look after all our customers. For our customers who find it difficult to arrange an appointment during the week we offer servicing on Saturdays at no extra cost.

Do you wash your filters and re-use them?

No. It is recommended by the filter manufacturer that the filter cartridges are changed approx every 12 months. The filter cartridges cannot be cleaned and re-used for health and safety reasons. All soiled filter cartridges are disposed of in an appropriate manner.